My Favorite Highlights In 2016

My Favorite Highlights In 2016

It’s a good thing to realize the mistakes and accomplishments we’ve made every now and then, especially before the New Year. But I wanted to share some of my favorite memories with you!

First things first, celebrating my blog one-year anniversary was my favorite by far! It was a great success to see the support and love from you all. I also enjoyed meeting different artists throughout the year and building relationships as well.

On the other hand, being a foodie and all – I cannot stop thinking about slowly devouring my 72 hour Short Rib from The Gallerie Bar Bistro! It was made with love! And before they changed their wine list, their special French red wine, Gigondas, was pure beauty. Since then, I’ve been swept away reading wine poetry.

Another great memory was reconnecting with old friends because of my blog. Certain situations were unexplainable at the time, but once I released the truth on SMN, I was able to reconcile and reconnect. 

Overall my most memorable moments were sharing love and laughter with my friends and family. Connecting with them, celebrating special occasions, and having ladies night…I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I look forward creating more memories in 2017 filled with great food, good company, and success!

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Bye Bye 2016, it's been real.

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