2018 Effective Decisions For Focused Girl Bosses




Entering 2018 is pretty scary. Many projects are on the agenda and almost everyone is in it to win by restoring things lost in 2017. As women, we never been so dominant within the entrepreneurship industry until now. Ever since we have recognized what we want and why we deserve our wants, our opportunities to succeed in our dreams became limitless.


The Bandwagon Trend to Jump On Is Up For Debate

From Twitter, Instagram and practically across all social media the main focus I peeped are people stating: Become selfish and focus on you. Strangely last week I posted about the benefits becoming selfish in order to build self-worth, financially grow your storehouse and how to maintain everyone’s happiness. But this year’s wave seems pretty ridiculous…

I believe people are confusing being selfish with neglecting others during their journey of being focused? That’s foul and as a female I’m worried us becoming too selfish and independent can hurt us in the long run.


Finding Balance Between Selfish and Selflessness

Everyone deserves their right to have inner peace and self-devotion. There are times I’ll practice stretching doing yoga or I’ll box. Since it’s illegal to hit someone, I take all frustrations out at Hiit Fitness Club or calm my body down learning new yoga positions. These are 2 ways I become selfish without neglecting others. By the way, fitness was never my specialty as I hate working out and lifting weights. 


This helped me no longer waiver in lost relations or act outside of my character. It’s more of a “Hey, I’m upset with you and I need space. So let me do my thing” versus, “Everyone’s getting cut off in 2018, no excuses.” Unless there’s a valid reason to end a relation, then do it, but to become selfish just to win while other’s lack in success speaks volume of your mental illness.


2018 Resolutions That Are Effective

It’s a new year, but same me. And truthfully the only thing that  makes anyone change is pain. Without hurting there would be no growth or change in action. So this is my $0.02 to us girl bosses stepping into 2018 being selfish/selfless…Know when to let go, be smart when to hold on and always put yourself first. 


Xiao Mei