Bible Blog Quote 1/8: "Learn To Walk Alone"

 Many have asked if my bible blog quotes are from the Holy Bible and the real answer is no. Unless I haven’t read thoroughly through the King James Bible, I never found any listed in there.

I was inspired from loved ones and through personal experiences to come up with my bible blog quotes. I wanted to share these sayings that I follow as my religion. And I utilize all 8 quotes on a consistent basis and believe they can help others reconstruct their focus on life as well.

And in honor of Fathers Day, my father inspired my favorite quote

“Learn To Walk Alone”.

He taught my sister and I as little girls never to rely on anyone for anything. At first I thought he wanted me to grow up with no friends AT ALL! But the older I became I understood friends come and go. Even when family cannot be present, my father taught me how to get comfortable being alone. With that said, I can't appreciate him enough for establishing such a simple principle within me. At the end of the day, if no one has me – God does and so do I! 

Stay tuned for next Tuesday's 2nd bible blog quote! 



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