Because Of A Woman

Because of a Woman is a beautiful book of poetry about multiple walks of life struggles wrapped up in wild metaphors. In all angles of life, writer Malanda Jean-Claude, shares the conflicts of love in a modern way of communication.

Malanda reveals his reality and made each chapter relatable, because it’s REAL. He shows how we love, our societies definition of relation, and how to find oneself in an awkward place.

I appreciate the book written from a male perspective, because that isn’t expected. Typically I’d find feminists writing how strong women are while bashing men all in one book. And the craziest revelation received reading this is I'm looking at a crystal mirror.

Ridiculous to say, but in each page, I’m finding myself more and more. It’s absurd and that’s why I encourage every woman to read it asap. We relate to men more than we think.

Xiao Mei1 Comment